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John Benoit is a Reiki Master & Registered Reflexology Practitioner, practicing with the Westmount Chiropractic team since 2010.

Native to London, ON, John will tell you the motivation to pursue these fields was less of a choice and more of a calling. "This is the path that was set before me" he says, "and I followed." John has been practicing Reflexology since 2011 & Reiki since 2004.

John feels it is important for clients to understand that Reiki and Reflexology have been practiced in the East for hundreds of years, though the West has been slow to fully embrace their positive affect on health. The American Medical Association continues to support this affect and hopes that in time, more research will prove it's efficacy. Over many years of practice, the proof for John has been in seeing the symptomatic relief experienced by his clients.


In addition to his practice, John enjoys spending time hunting, fishing, and crafting Japanese knives and swords.

Learn more at: Reflexology Canada.

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