So your expecting! This is both an exciting, yet demanding time.

Don't worry, at Westmount Chiropractic, we have your back! Pregnancy related posterior pelvic pain is effectively treated with a combination of gentle mobilizations and soft tissue manipulations. 

How does massage help with pregnancy related aches & pains?

Research supports the notion of massage therpay leading to a long-list of health benefits including:

   - Improved materal psyche 

   - Decreased pain levels, anxiety & depression scores

   - Decreased cortisol levels

   - Decreased number of obstetrical complications

Additionally, current evidence supports massage therapy through the labour and birthing process leads to:

   - Decreased length of labour​

   - Decreased tissue sensitivity

   - Decreased rates of post-partum depression

   - Shorter hospital stay times

Guess what moms? The baby benefits too!


Infancy massage can lead to faster weight gain & faster hospital departures. Pediatric massage can lead to improved quality of sleep and aid as a preventive medicineagainst growing pains. 

We will ensure our therapistsis are prepared to address the subtle needs of expectant mothers like yourself, including the potential need for frequent restroom breaks and the use of unscented massage oil so as to not aggravate a sensitive sense of smell. Good communication with your therapist will result in the most beneficial and rewarding pregnancy-massage therapy for you and your baby.

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